Setting Pin Curls.

Poor Megan! We always use Megan because she’s one of the only students with long hair. Out manager Michelle said this is really popular in her salon. You set the clients hair in pin curls. First we protect the hair with Paul Mitchell Hot of the Press then using a curling iron we section off the hair and make sure to not letting the curl fall, we let it cool in our hands then spray with hairspray and pin it to the head.
This is before and after



We were told that the curls should have held a lot better. I’m not sure why they didn’t.

Making Friends

When I first started going to school I was quiet and kept to myself. I needed to gauge how people were. I wanted to find comfortable way to make this transition. Luckily I really enjoy school and it’s really starting to click for me. As I got more comfortable, people got more comfortable with me. I’m starting to make friends and in fact I will be going to the Hair Show in Chicago in March with one of my fellow students.


These are my friends Melissa and Britney.

Angela T!

Yesterday my good friend Missy text me saying her sister was gunna come in and get her hair done.

Angela came in with a red/blonde ombre style like this…


2015/01/img_9701.jpg She brought in a picture of a girl with some awesome violet/red color. Soooo because she had the blonde on the bottom and we were going to take her darker (level 6) we filled her bottom with gold (6G) rinsed her out and then put a violet/red (6VR + 6N) all over.

After that we rinsed her out and it looks as though her ends didn’t take to the color. I felt really bad but as we talked about it we found out she had bleached her hair 4 times within a few months. The color didn’t take because her ends were so damaged. It was so hard to comb her hair out. I’ve never had hair that was so hard to comb out. When Angela saw that professional color didn’t take and how hard it was to comb out she came to the realization that she should just chop it off!

We took probably about 5 inches off the ends of her hair and have her some long layers. The outcome was beautiful and much more manageable.



Thanks Angela!!!

Seeing the light.

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I did the first haircut today without asking for help, just for it to be checked. It turned out great and she may bring her children in tomorrow and may request me.

The second haircut I did today was pretty much done on it’s own too. Highlights on the same lady were done without any guidance. It’s very nerve wracking but it does make you learn a lot.