First Time with a Toner

I’ve never worked with a toner and I’ve always been very curious about it, maybe even fascinated by it. My friend Jeannie came in today for a color, partial highlights and a haircut.

We put some foils in and then put 7n all over the rest of her hair and then toned her highlight with a 9n. We gave her a short layered haircut. It looked super cute but I did not get a before and after. As soon as she posts a photo I’ll attach it. She said she was very happy! She texted me a little bit ago and said “consider me a client.”


Updo’s scare me. They scare the shit out of me. Probably for two reasons, #1 being that prior to school I never attempted one or even thought about attempting one and #2 being that the second week of school I was given a client (when I shouldn’t have been given one at all) and she wanted and updo and my instructor left. I’m BRAND SPANKIN NEW!! I didn’t know anyone and it was horrible and I hated it.

Every time I’ve failed at something it’s made me want to master it. So I’ve been shopping for a manikin with nice long locks so I can work updos and braids with it. For now this was my attempt…





First Shot at Pin Curls

Pin curls are very time consuming especially when the results of using a hot tool are identical. As my instructor Mario pointed though, it’s good to learn an alternate way in case we ever don’t have electricity. Yes he really said that and yes he was serious.



There are a few different type of pin curl bases that are particular to their look and placement on the head. In the photo are rectangular, arc, square and stand up pin curls.