Practicing Marcel

My very first experience with a client was using a marcel curling iron and no I had never used one before. So that was a really interesting experience to say the least. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to really practice and master it. Anytime I find something I’m not good at, I make a note to really get it down. Most especially I not to be afraid of it. It’s tricky at first but once you get the hand position down it really isn’t so bad.


Long Layer on the Big Sis

My favorite and much envied look is the long layered look. It makes me miss my long hair. So my sister has been mentioning she wants a change. So she came in with some grown out layers she wasn’t a fan of and got a couple I he’s taken off and some really fun layers that will really make her love the movement in her cut whether she straightens it or let’s it dry naturally. I absolutely loved this cut and I think she was super happy with it. Now to convince her to let me color it…



I did this one basically all by myself (only had to have Jamie check it) and it really boosted my confidence in hair cutting.

Super Fun Cut + Color

My friends Heather has always been a fan of doing the extreme with her hair, color and all. So once I started cosmetology school she was super excited to be my guinea pig. She posted this picture

saying she wants to try something like that. I love that look but didn’t feel confident in the cut. She came in Tuesday and Mario helped me transform her from





I love how it turned out and can’t wait to see it as a straight look too. I’m really happy she will be able to let it dry without much styling and have a really cool look that’s easy and fits in with her lifestyle

Hair Shaping and Men’s Cut

Day three and I learned to do short and long layers. I can’t believe I was able to do all that by day three. I’m impressed with school! I think I’m doing pretty well and I like my teacher a lot.

IMG_8771.JPGHere’s Leslie all sectioned off and ready to get long layers. I’ll have to take an after picture but she’s currently in my car and I’m trying to enjoy my day off.

IMG_8775.JPGThis is after the first section of my men’s cut. We really aren’t supposed to have our phones out a whole lot at school so I try not to be snapping a lot of photos. But honestly men’s cuts were a little more challenging for me but I think that’s because my manikin had really wonky hair to begin with and has a ton of product in it that made it hard to work with. I was glad to finally learn to do it though. I know my boyfriend will be happy.